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The best way I can describe myself is a documentary storyteller. It's kind of an oxymoron, because that's essentially saying I capture candid moments that happen in front of me...that I help direct. But I can honestly say that in -every- photo shoot I've done, both have been equally necessary to tell an authentically beautiful story! My experience with this approach spans from weddings, to branding sessions, to family photos, and almost literally everything in between.

But it's that authenticity component that I relentlessly strive for in every shoot. If you feel like you're celebrating, you'll look like you're celebrating. So just as much as I'm focusing on all the nerdy aspects of framing "the money shot", I'm also focusing on cultivating an atmosphere that's loose, lighthearted, kiiiiinda goofy, and so genuine that you forget you were there for a photoshoot.

Bottom line, if you were simply looking for someone to take pictures, you could ask Uncle Mike to bring his iPad and you'd be set.

Hi, I'm Garrett.

1.     Let's meet for coffee - my treat! (but FaceTime & Zoom work great too)

2.     Decide on pricing and logistics

3.     Schedule all the things!

4.     Crush the engagement shoot - preview images delivered in 48 hours

5.     Quick check-in call 2 weeks prior to wedding day

6.     REST EASY knowing everything's in order for your big day!

Wedding folks, here's what you can expect...


Commercial folks, this one's for you...

1.     Coffee will likely still find its way into the first step...

2.     Collaborate on vision for the project, image usage, and delivery timeline

3.     Finalize scope and contract/retainer

4.     Schedule pre-shoot meeting(s) to dial in logistics

5.     Crush the photo session/day/series

6.     Deliver initial images for review and critique

To sum it all up - I freaking love what I do.
I love the people and brands I work with.
I love the strategy and the 
spontaneity of every project and event I'm a part of.

And I love the fact that you're here.

Thanks for saying hi!

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